viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Activities of the Task Force on Zoonoses Data Collection in 2012

This report includes the annual report to the Advisory Forum on the activities on EFSA Network of Task Force on Zooonoses Data Collection in 2012. The Task Force had six meetings in 2012, three regular ones and three specific meetings on food-borne outbreaks, IT reporting training and antimicrobial resistance. The Task Force reviewed and/or endorsed six scientific reports of EFSA, four technical reports and four external scientific reports submitted to EFSA. These reports covered among others the annual EU Summary Reports on zoonoses, food-borne outbreaks and antimicrobial resistance, reports on specifications for analysing and reporting of antimicrobial resistance data and a report on epidemiological indicators for meat inspection of poultry. The Task Force also agreed upon arrangements for the yearly data reporting and the analyses of the annual datasets.